British Apache AH Mk1 in 1:35!

A British Apache AH Mk1 is coming from Tascom in 1:35, yeah!

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Nice. This will be a great addition.

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Israeli version as well.

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Even more great news.

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Me likee! OK; who is going to be the first to show this with the Royal Marines lashed to the wings on that famous (albeit ultimately) abortive rescue mission in Afghanistan?

“lashed” ??
Couldn’t some boffin have designed something like this?

Literally no time for anything fancy …it was a spur of the moment decision to attempt the rescue… So they sucked it up and did it … Gotta Take your hat off to the booties for trying … :+1:


They don’t really have the need nor space to carry extra personnel. They can and have been used in a pinch for emergency extraction though.


No, it went down like this:

I can’t rememebr the Op name but it was a very quickly planned op; the aim was to rescue a missing Marine; sadly, he was dead by the time they got to him, but for sheer ballsiness it takes some beating.

When I served at Middle Wallop (Army Air Corps’ base) the WOs’ & Sgts’ Mess had commissioned an oil painting of the event, and very impressive it was too.

The mission was back in 2007.

There was a lot to be proud of that day.

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A “Hang on for dear life” mission.

A guy I met, Sven, did his Swedish conscript service as a photographer, don’t know if it was for all services but this particular mission was for the Swedish Navy helicopter squadron.
The Navy at that time still used the H-21, ‘Flying Banana’, for various missions, including hunting submarines.

They had rigged an outboard seat for Sven to do the filming from. I think it was about sub hunting, some kind of propaganda/information film to show to other conscripts.
Anyhow, Sven was late, like seriously late and the pilot was really p-ss-d from having to wait for the lazy photographer sleaze bag.
The pilot commented something along the lines of: Time to show up now? Right, get in the seat and lets get airborne.
Sven gets in his seat and straps in. Helo takes off, angles forward, picks up speed and flies really low so that the front rotor whips up a lot of water spray. The water around there is not salt, just brackish. They fly like this for a couple of miles until the pilot considers Sven to be properly soaked and chastised for being late.


Israeli version too: So great!!!

That will be a nice addition to the collection .