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Another stunning build of the British Armoured Crew with Dingo Mk 1b somewhere in North Africa from modeling friend Ki-Yeol Yoon

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Wow beautiful job. Excellent painting of those figures- incredible really. The Daimler looks great too with the weathering and battle damage on the sides, although some of it looks a bit odd. Can’t put my finger on it. Only nitpick is the decal film visible on the side of the vehicle. Great ground work too.

Outstanding little scene. This one kind of has it all with just the right size of groundwork for the vehicle and enough bits and bobs lying about to give it a bit of interest and color. The vehicle itself is superbly weathered- the deeply worn look is nicely observed with dings and dents and all sorts of chips and scratches.

But the figs are the absolute icing on the cake. The character brought out in the faces is wonderful to see and the skin tones and detailing- just look at how the knee joints are so carefully and realistically painted! The uniforms are so well detailed too with a real crispness and accuracy to the paintwork. The highlighting and shadowing add a great sense of depth to the folds and the creases and hem lines are picked out so well.

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Absolutely superb work. One of the best I have seen. Overall a simple design but very intricately detailed.

Fantastic work, the figures’ painting job is superb!