British army Jackal part question


What is the function of this plastic can ?

And once again can I ask you for the color of the liquid area and the color of the empty area ?

Hobbyboss kit:

Real vehicle :

Fluid reservoir maybe?

it says “CAUTION - HOT”, and it has enough space from the fluid to the top to let me assume it’s radiator fluid.


Expansion tank and fill for the engine cooling system?
These work best if they’re at the highest point of the cooling system to burp air.


I knew it. I knew it had that gap to allow for expansion of the liquid when hot.

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Horrible spot for a hot liquid…

That’s my thinking as well; that thing overheats and sprays hot liquid on anyone seated next to it.

Or gets shot…

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And commercial antifreeze is flammable.

Good thing thats its next to the fire extinguisher!

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There is a salt-based antifreeze that is not flammable, but unlike Ethylene Glycol-based antifreeze, is not designed for hard usage, like on military vehicles.


I just googled this vehicle-a scout vehicle with no frontal armor?

Sacrifices ballistic protection for increased mobility and perhaps, even range since it’s not pushing the added weight, so it has longer range. It can hit around 80km/h offroad and up to 130km/h max speed. Try that lugging around 1000 pounds of armor plate.

You can see the location of that reservoir on the other side of the plate behind the driver.

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I’d like armor protection thank you

Where is the engine located on this thing?

Don’t know for sure, but by the way is laid out; I assume the engine is located slightly behind the driver and front passenger in a center hump.

Like most good sports cars, the engine is mid mounted:



Looking at the layout, it spreads the overall weight close to the centerline, enabling the vehicle to be stable at high speeds. Extra bonus, the engine acts as a shield in case the vehicle hits an explosive device, protecting the crew.

That and the armour plates on the floor and underneath:


Thank you all for your replies.
Agree this vehicle looks strange but the model is interesting to built.