British Army's new AH-64E Apaches


Nice. More decal/marking options for the 1/48 Hasegawa kit. Also, I wonder if/what parts are different on the Brit birds as opposed to the kit.


i haven’t studied the pictures much at the moment but i think most if not all the differences will be in the sneaky beaky black box stuff on the inside of the airframe.

David, may I just point out that British Attack Helicopters belong to the Army Air Corps not the RAF(!)

Brian the Pedant

Fixed that for you


David, 'hope you don’t mind my meddling.

Interesting, I know the WAH-64D / AH-1 had extra small lumps and bumps around the areas of the nose and tail compared to the US version, where British equipment was added.

Is the added British equipment for brewing tea ? :wink:

Ha Ha NO :grimacing: .

The WAH-64 / AH-1 had RR engines, new electronic defensive aids suite and a folding blade mechanism to allow operation from ships. The lumps and bumps are for the defensive suite.

According to Wiki 50 AH-1 Apaches are being re-manufactured to AH-64E Version 6 aircraft.

New engines, drivetrain, main rotor blades and avionics will deliver a significant boost in aircraft performance. Embedded system-level diagnostics will increase aircraft availability. Extended range Fire Control Radar with maritime mode will ensure the aircraft can operate in the maritime environment. Link 16, Mode 5 Identification Friend or Foe and, in time, Manned-Unmanned Teaming bring theatre entry-standard equipment fits and vastly increase crew battle-space awareness.

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bloody pongo!

don’t worry the next round of defense cuts to the army, will see them in RAF hands :yum::yum::sunglasses:


You’re probably right!

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Then we would be doomed …

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I would like to see a decent kit of AH-64A/D/E in 1/35 scale, also a good AH-1S Cobra.