British Chieftain, Takom or Meng?

I am contemplating adding to the stash, :roll_eyes:, and wanted to know which brand to go with. Both companies put out good kits but is one a better choice? Cost and interiors are not an issue with me.

I can only give half an answer. I built the Takom kit and it was very nice. I’d like to build another. I built the Mk V.

It’s pretty hard to answer that question without stating what mark of the Chieftain you want. Meng only does a Mk.10, so if you want a Mark 11, 5 or 2, then the only option is Takom.

With regards to the Mark 10, the Meng kit has much finer details then the Takom kit; both are relatively accurate. The Takom kit is typically a bit cheaper then the Meng kit, so it’s a bit of tradeoff between price and detail. I can’t comment on the fit since I haven’t built either of them

Takom seem to have stopped production of all of their Chieftains. They are now very hard to find or very expensive if you can find one. In a few years they may put it back in production. Who knows?

Alternatively, there is the Haya in 1/16th…with a variety of packages & a marksman turreted variant


I would put in another vote for the Takom (having not built any Meng kits).
I built their Mk5 and it was a fun build and makes a nice model in the end.
Please exuse the incorrect colours and poor photography!