British Cold War and Eastern European civilians

I am building a vignette around the Hungarian uprising using a T-54A and showing the one that was captured by the Hungarians and delivered to the British for inspection. I am looking for a suitable figure set for Cold War era (1956) and Hungarian civilians to show them inspecting the tank. Any ideas of good sets?

Miniart makes civilian sets I believe that would fit that era. They are plastic of course; I have not built them so I don’t know how good they are but Miniart had a good reputation as far as figs go with a few exceptions. There are resin sets out there too but those are more expensive of course. Hope this helps , good luck on your project!


Not sure who makes these; Russian company, Tank maybe?? They look to be perfect.

A few more.


The Miniart sets are pretty good, they would work for the time frame as they’re supposed to be World War II era - I remember my grandfather wearing a hat similar to one in several of the Miniart sets in the 60’s. If you don’t care for the heads you can always swap them out.

Thanks everyone I’ll take a look. As for British figures, were British uniforms in 1956 similar to WW2?

I think the Para uniforms were. One of projects iim working on is a Suez diorama with British Paras and all of the pics I’ve seen they look like their WW2 brothers except for maybe sand color helmets can’t see any difference, not sure about other troops

Thanks. I was also curious if the British Embassy in Hungary at the time would have had full uniform troops or if they would have mainly been officers in more formal dress if anyone knows?