British Infantry Weapons & Equipment | Armorama

MiniArt announced a new 1/35 scale weapon/equipment set, this time for British WW2 troops.

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Is there a better way to do these News/New Product announcements? I liked how the old forum actually showed a picture and you clicked it to go to the news release or feature or whatever. This way just feels clumsy and you can’t really tell it is a News Release or what have you from the topic.

This is how I have been redoing them in the Rotary Wing Forum so they are easier to read and show up in the list of topics as NEWS, or REVIEWS, etc.

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I wish this embedding component (which is built into the forum software from the developers) would give us more options. Even just the “one box” format like when you do a link would be better. I think images built into the content might appear if the content sites didn’t have some fancy image loading javascript thing going on, but not 100% sure of that. It is suppose to load images though. I will keep working on improving it though as I have time to.


If the first and second helmets are supposed to be Mk V’s…they’re not! The brim is too flat.

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I like this. Quality overall looks good, and it sure beats the old Italeri accessories kit. I want one (or more)