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Here we take a look at the 1/35th scale British Mastiff 2 6x6 Wheeled Protected Patrol Vehicle from Meng Model.

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Helpful review - thanks Darren. To add a couple of observations. It seems Meng have used their original US Cougar mould on which the UK Mastiff is based. The Meng Cougar bonnet is too long and this appears to have been carried over to their Mastiff here. As Darren’s review notes also the Mastiff 3 had a very noticable 7 inch roof uplift - which the Meng kit doesn’t have - but it’s good for a Mastiff 1. So whichever Mastiff version you want, if you’re a stickler for accuracy, the bonnet needs shortening. But thanks to Meng for releasing a UK vehicle hitherto unavailable unless you have the uber-rare Cromwell resin one.

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I know about the raised roof and spent time looking at my walk around images and I believe it looks correct, but a did not measure anything. I cant see the split roof you have referred to in the walkaround images and so am I missing something?

Hi Darren, thanks and don’t mean to challenge a very thorough review! For those of us who wanted a decent review of this one it’s very helpful. I simply wanted to provide some clarification. Judging by the sprue shot bar and plate armour layout around the front doors, plus the exhaust over the door, the Meng kit is a Mastiff 1. The Mastiff 3 had raised roof (uplifted not split) and, around the door, slightly different armour and slat arrangement to allow it to open on the Mastiff 3. Doors were present on both - happy to correct that. Two images of Mastiff 1, then two of Mastiff 3 below to compare.

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I have no issues with additional information as I am not an expert in any way knowing a little about a lot. I judged the release by the walk around and your input is very welcome.

The initial purchase of Mastiff was in fact 60 coyote vehicles purchased by the MOD which lead to the mastiff project…then this lead to the mastiff’s build.variants included troop carrier ,protected eyes ,[RE ] version which lead to the talisman series ,also the praetorian version particular to the RAF Regiment.

The kit goes together well. The only drawback I had building the kit. there is no interior detail for the insides of the front doors, and there is no provision to open the front doors without a lot of scratch building for the very complicated system that holds the bar Armour in place When the doors are open As for that, the kit went together very well, but I did swap out the wheels because I still had a set of DEF cougar wheels sitting on my shelf. I think the resin wheels look better. And when I compared DEF wheels to Mengs cougar wheels, The meng wheels are skinnier and smaller in diameter. This is the third cougar base kit that I have built by Meng.

I still have the 4x4 panda cougar to complete. This is the 6x6 jerry. Are use the Meng resin wheels for this one and AFV Club Explosive ordinance, disposal robot.


FYI this kit is currently £48.99 on UK Amazon
Meng Model MNGSS-012 Scale Model kit

Very nice little collection there; 'love it.