British SBS 54 mm

Some older work, Gotha Sahib 54 mm, more than 20 years old
A British SBS in the Falklands
The weapon is out of proportion for the figure, but the figure is an example of craftsmanship knowing the age and production in dose days. It’s painted in Tamiya acryls I think.


Oh wow! One of Sid Horton’s. It’s a lot more than 20 years old though Jan. More like around 35 or so.
Love to see these. Any more?

Thank you, yes I have.
Will post them.

not a bad rendition despite the oversized weapon and you did a great job on the domestic camo, just a pity you have the flag the wrong way round.
the white bands should be higher than the red ones on the left side as you are facing the vignette