British Troops in Northern Ireland Query

I am looking for a selection of British soldier figures to be incorporated in a small-scale
Northern Ireland vignette/diorama.
They need to be 1/76 scale, and suitable for the early 1970s period. Any suggestions?




I would recommend these but have no ideas as to their availability:

If you want to depict the steel helmet of the time (though it will need a transparent visor) then use the heads from this set (advertised as “WW2” but aren’t):


Lastly, this set from Matchbox has some useful figures:


Again, you can replace the heads for those with helmets if you wish.

You’ll need to add the body armour of the time (Flak Jackets) and adjust the webbing to either minimize the pouches (urban) or leave them in situ (rural) but do add a respirator pouch, or at least on the rural scenario.

I would suggest that the flak jackets can be depicted by using something like Mr Dissolved Putty fairly liberally ie build it up over a couple of days. That said, some Para battalions wore their smocks over their body armour so as to appear suitably “massive”(!) in which case no need to modify the figures quite so much.

Again, I have no idea as to the availability for the Matchbox figures; the A Call to Arms “WW2” figures are available from Hannants (or at least a few are) but how you’ll find the others I have no idea; time to give Mr eBay a call?

All images from the “Plastic Soldier Review” site which I find indispensable when planning small scale stuff.

'Hope this helps.

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Paul, reference my last: I’ve indicated that fitting a respirator to figures involved in rural patrolling is essential; I meant “urban”.


Yes, I have some of the Matchbox ‘NATO Paratroopers’ figures, so in the absence of anything better,
I will settle for converting a couple of items from this set. Such a shame that we ‘Braille Scalers’ don’t
have the same choice as you ‘1/35-scale’ builders! Fortunately, since the Matchbox set is 1/76 scale,
I can replace the heads (if so desired) with items from Milicast (late-war heads with Mk.IV helmets),
and simply scratch-build the visors. The major problem with these figure sets is the choice of material;
polythene is a nightmare when it comes to conversion work … but it is still a possibility … we will see.


What sort of scene/dio are you planning Paul?


I am planning a small urban scene (1/76-scale probably) incorporating a Humber Pig and a few British soldiers (circa. 1970). The setting will be the end of a terraced street, so I will no doubt include a selection of local residents.


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Sounds good Paul- best of luck with it!

Sounds like a very interesting project, one we don’t see often in modeling.