Bronco 1/35 LED search lights

Hey guys,

Any of you guys used the bronco 1/35 LED search light sets for modern vehicles? I am thinking about get one each of their sets but I wanted to hear from some of you that might have used them. Are they worth getting or is there a better set to get? Please share your view/advise. Thanks.


i have used them and really like them.thinking about getting some more.

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Thanks shadow for your positive feed. I was trying to see if I could find any build with those parts used to see the end result. I think I should explore the older forum as I have not found any hits in the search engine in the new forum.

@Stryker45 Hey Mike, I use them on this build here:

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Wow, that is one beautiful job you have done Armorfarm. And thank you for sharing the link. Exactly what I wanted to see. Thanks.

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