Bronco (35107) US 37mm Anti-Tank Gun M3A1

Hello fellow modelers,

The AT Gun is merely half of this very finely detailed combination kit: Bronco (35107) US GPW 1/4t 4x4 Mod. 1942 Jeep w/37mm AT Gun M3A1.


By “finely detailed,” I mean very tiny parts went flying nearly every build session! I truly believe that the AT Gun was more difficult than its GPW companion!


Some sub-assemblage.


Time for a wheel alignment.

Sub-assemblies airbrushed with Vallejo US Olive Drab Primer (73.608). Various details were hand-painted.

The finished US M3A1 37mm Anti-Tank Gun with moveable trail-arms in towing position…

…and with trail-arms deployed.

Lastly, a quick photo op with the US GPW & M3A1 37mm Anti-Tank Gun together on a Tamiya (87166) Stone Paving B Diorama Material Sheet.

Hope you enjoy!


Disclaimer: Don’t drink and drive while towing an AT Gun!


Looks GREAT!..job well done!..Never knew the windshield on a jeep flipped outwards…well you learn something new eveyrday!

That’s the air conditioning!

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That 37mm looks great! Those etch bits add a lot for sure.

Thank’s, guys! I really appreciate the comments.

Wow, that’s great. Congrats, that is the first Bronco US 37mm AT gun I’ve seen built since it came out. I have two sitting down in the stash that I haven’t gotten around to starting yet because of the small parts. Nice build!

Hi Mike,
The cobblestone pavement…is it as purchased or did you do any alterations
ie drybrushing or weathering of any sort?

How did you like the Jeep kit?

Thank’s, John!
The kit is fantastic, but it was love/hate for me. I pulled it out of my stash after a fairly long hiatus from anything model building. And I never learn my lesson: Smaller vehicles mean smaller parts. That was the case on day one, as tiny and even bigger parts went skyward! It’s good that you have two — one as a backup.:sweat_smile: … Hint: Fresh tweezers!


Hi Dan,
I’m somewhat of a fan of Bronco’s typical “over-engineering” and huge parts count and the GPW did not disappoint. In comparison to other kits I’ve researched, two things really stood out:
1: The windscreen assembly includes a very nicely detailed clear part — the separate glass part w/wipers which can easily be shown in the vented-open position, as I’ve chosen.
2: The canvas top can be built with either of two options — folded-down or deployed.

If at all interested, I’m considering uploading my build log to this forum in the near future.


Hi Joe,
Here’s a Scale Hobbyist product link: Tamiya ‘Stone Paving B Diorama Material Sheet.’ The sheet is strait OOB and has an ever-so-slight relief to the cobblestones. Though I haven’t tried it yet, I’m fairly certain the sheet could be dry-brushed as mentioned. I took a chance and went ahead and ordered both ‘A’ and ‘B’ sheets. The scale actually worked out perfectly for a quick photo op of the GPW and AT Gun. HTH.


Hey John! Discovered on YouTube just this morning:
‘WWII US m3 37mm anti tank gun detail walk around video’ :star::star::star::star::star:

Best walk-around of the AT Gun I’ve seen to date — every part and angle displayed with great clarity. Wish I had this reference when I was building the kit! … Enjoy!


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Sweet! Now I have to work up the nerve to start cutting plastic and slopping glue…

Looks sweet! I remember the ancient Monogram “Jeep & AT gun” kit with the awful figures. I loved that kit as a kid. Great memories!!