Bronco and RFM M4 VVSS tracks, any good?


Looking for some advice about Bronco and RFM’s M4 VVSS track sets. Both describe them as being workable and are reasonably priced.
Can’t seem to find much about them, so what are they like? Are they single piece click together or fiddly multi part?

I’ve got 3 Dragon Sherman’s with DS tracks and given how notoriously bad that stuff, I’d like to replace them. Ideally with something easy and affordable. Fruil are out of my price range, and I don’t fancy messing around with cast metal tracks. I would prefer band, but they don’t seem to be easy to find.


Not sure about RFM, but the Bronco tracks are good - if you survive the sheer tedium of building them! I take it a little at a time, spread over the weeks/months of my typical build, just to avoid burn-out.

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Thanks. How do they assemble? I can’t find much, not even a parts break the down or sprue photos.

The Bronco and RFM tracks have 6 parts per link - 2 pad halves, 2 pins, and 2 end connectors. All have to be cleaned up before assembly. They will challenge your sanity and I recommend finding an alternative. AFV Club makes excellent one piece VVSS tracks if you can find them. They also make 3 part per link glued indy links that are easy to put together. Those are easy to find in all varieties. Also, Panda Plastics make outstanding VVSS styrene glueable tracks in every version, plus extended end connectors, that are easy to assemble and only 3 parts per link. I have used their tracks on many builds and recommend them highly.

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I tried to put together some Bronco Sherman tracks once. First time I have ever binned anything in sheer frustration and then went and bought some AFV club tracks. For Shermans, I have used the AFV single piece rubber band tracks many times and they look great. Plus pretty well priced.

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Thanks for your input.

Hannants have some of the AFV Club sets listed, all out of stock. Have put a couple on backorder, so will have to wait and see. Luckily I’m in no rush. I’m also keeping an eye on Asuka.
I can really do without the frustration of indy link sets, especially if they’re multi-part. Did it once and swore I would never do it again!

The Panda tracks look promising, but can’t find a UK seller yet. With p&p and other costs they’re going to cost me a small fortune. Will certainly look into them if I have no joy with AFV club

I would be glad to help you out here. What type VVSS track are you looking for? I have 3 types in stock in the stash, all in multiples:
AFV Club one-piece T-49 VVSS track
AFV Club indy glueable T-48 VVSS track
Panda Plastics indy glueable T-54E1 VVSS tracks
I would be more than happy to mail you any of these sets across the pond, absolutely no charge.

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Thanks! That’s awesome of you!

I’ll have to have a proper look in the boxes at what tracks are in them.
I have the El Alamein Sherman II, Italian front Sherman III and an M4A4. That’s the one that needs the extended types and have made sure to preorder.


Oh! I have a set of Panda WE-210 tracks for the El Alemein Sherman II, and the Panda T-54E1 set would be perfect for the Sherman III. Would you like me to send you those? I’m afraid I can’t help you with the M4A4. I don’t have any extended sets.

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That’s awesome! You’re sure you can part with them?
Let me know how much you want for them and shipping and I can get that to you.
Thanks again!

Hopefully Hannants will be able to get the extended tracks I’ve put on back order.

Yes, I’m sure I can part with them. No problem. I won’t take money for them, or the shipping. This is my gift to you Stephen. Allow me to do this. It makes my day to make someone else’s. Just send me your address in a PM. Any time I can help a fellow modeler, I’m there.


That’s awesome Matthew, it really is appreciated!

Will pm you my address.

Thanks again


You’re very welcome.

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While RHPS/Panda is still my favourite for tracks of this type, I’m also a fan of the Bronco ones. Priced attractively too.

I found that the best build sequence was to add the guide horns to the double bar part first and once that has set and you have a pile of them, build the pads around them, being careful not to get cement on anything but the pads. The result is a run of articulated links with decent detail and significantly fewer parts than MK’s challenge.

I take a set on holiday as I can build them with very few tools in a small space and they take up very little luggage space.

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Thanks for the tip.
So the ends glue to bars that are sandwiched between the pads? I can see how they articulate now.

Once you have the horns glued to the bars, I use a 1/4inch square wooden rod to lay the parts on for assembly (because it fits neatly between the horns, and isn’t affected by liquid glue) and simply add an inner pad and bar set at a time, then an outer pad, then repeat. The dowel came from the wood trim rack at B&Q if I recall, but it was years ago!

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Yes, it is much easier to keep cement off the articulating joints if you don’t follow the suggested sequence. The only thing to watch for is the direction of the links. While we occasionally observe the odd link facing the wrong way, they weren’t assembled randomly.

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Thanks for the advice and tips.
I still need a set for the M4A4 so I might look at picking up a pack and seeing how I get on.