Bronco decals?

Anyone know who prints bronco decals? I went to decal my archer this morning and the two small decals I put on the fender seemed very thick. They also seem impervious to anything. I’ve tried micro set/sol, tamiya X-20A and extra thin very sparingly. I still have a not great looking film around the decal and they just won’t seem to bed.

Has anyone used bronco decals with success? I’m tempted to peel the two small decals off and order aftermarket

On the first you can see a bit of discolouration on the left edge, im thinking is from the film not bedding down. The other has some slight slivering

Alright, I’m partially thinking my gloss coat wasn’t good enough, as the microsol removed a tiny bit of paint. Gonna reapply that. Is it possible to remove decals and then reapply them later? I’m guessing no. I might order AM decals anyway as these seem thick

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I have not had problems with their other kit decals, but I have not done this kit. It may be possible to remove the decal if you wet a sponge and lay it up against the ones you have and see it it will dissolve the fixing agent after a while. Whether you can use it again, I can’t say. If you can, you would have to affix it with varnish or something though.

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Thanks, did you ever find them on the thick side? I got these to bed down and a touch of future overtop removed discolouration/slivering, so I think the color issue will be fixed by a better gloss coat. I airbrushed the gloss and it’s apparently not glossy enough.

I plan to mask the two at the front and spray over the discolouration before giving the whole thing a gloss coat.

Aside from that the only issue is the decals seem thick. I plan to buy some mr mark softer and setter from local store

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I usually mix my Tamiya Paint 60% paint/40% Gloss then thin that with an equal amount of Lacquer thinner. One less layer of paint compared to paint and gloss over, and a nice smooth finish for decals. Depending on the size of the decal, I either brush paint or airbrush Gloss over them and the edge slightly onto paint, but not the rest of the model. Then I pin wash all the deep crevices, etc, as the gloss limits bleed out of the crevice. Then I Matt coat the whole model and continue weathering over that.

I find the brushed on thicker gloss tends to sit up against the edge of the decal like a ramp up which helps overcome the step between decal and paint, which a few very light layers of sprayed matt will hold to and also blend out the edge.