Bronco Gaz 69(M)

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on this little kit from Bronco for some months now,

This is one of the most detailed kit I’ve worked with, Bronco went a little nuts, everything is tiny, plastic or PE, incredibly detailed everywhere.
The decals were a mess… a few minutes in the water and they brake apart .
This one was a Shelf Queen for years, and last year I decided to work on it.
A few more weeks and I think it will be done.



Decals on the Bronco are a mess, after 10 secs in the water…
Rear bumper and rear tire still need some work


Rear bumper is done.
Just need now to finish the spare tire and paint some clear red rear lights.
This Shelf Queen for many years is almost finished !!



Clear parts & Bumper done.
Shelf Queen is finished. Finally… after years …

This wasn’t an easy kit, super-detailed kit, some times over engineered , tiny PE parts…
Patience is needed for this GAZ 69.


The Chinese just say Bronco.

Looks good. :+1:


That looks good enough to me; my own has now been in abeyance for around 5 years - due to the complexity you refer to!

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Thanks !

Mine had a lot of problems with the decals, they all broke into dozens of little pieces after a few seconds in water. Terrible.
Despite that…yeah, it’s quite a challenge to build it I admit, not for a novice builder for sure.
It looks small, someone might think to tackle it like a Tamyia Kubelwagen or a Willys kit… nope.
This is quite a complex kit

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This is a great series of light trucks. I might have to get one or more. Didn’t know Bronco made these!

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They have 3 versions :

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Captura de ecrã de 2024-05-23 05-30-47