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Brooklands was the cradle of British innovation and endeavour in the worlds of motorsport and aviation. Today Brooklands Museum celebrates the passion, bravery and inventiveness of the men and women who designed, built, raced and flew machines like those in our Collection, on this historic site, throughout the twentieth century.

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Wonderful images, what a great place to visit!

@Joel_W , stop drooling on your keyboard over those open-wheelers mate!

Cheers, D

Thanks so much for the photo tour of the Brooklands Museum, I loved all the cars and even the motorbikes. From classics to the present modern era cars are there. Even the buses are so unique compared to our basically boring container type buses.

Nearly 90% of today’s racing series teams, chassis, engines, and gearboxes are all still manufactured in England no matter where the home base maybe. Even the Indy Car Chevy and Hondas are all built, and maintained from what has become known as the motorsports triangle with London being the eastern point.

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Thanks guys.
I have a couple more features to add from my day out.
Andy :slight_smile:

Looks like you had a good time, wish I had been there :slight_smile:

Well someone who looks remarkably like you took me there :joy:.
Andy :slight_smile:

I could spend days, in a place like that. Absolutely amazing.

Thank you for sharing, those beautiful images, with us Andy.

Thanks, it is a very nice and informative place. The history of Brooklands is fascinating.
Andy :slight_smile: