Brummbar (Late) Roadwheel Query

Is there any evidence that the late Brummbar was ever fitted with all-metal roadwheels throughout? I am aware that the front two sets on both sides were normally steel rimmed (the remaining wheels having rubber tyres). My reason for asking is that I have a small-scale resin kit from Cromwell Models (from their ‘Combat Ready’ range). The roadwheels are clearly depicted without tyres. Is this feasible, or is it in error on the part of the kit design?
Had this been an injection-moulded plastic kit, I could have simply replaced the front pair of wheels. However, since the hull, wheels and tracks are cast as a single item, this is an impossible task.



Contains three period images of a Brummbär with a full set of steel wheels as well as images of some with all rubber

Thankyou for that confirmation.
In fact, after posting my original question, I
came across the photos you were referring to.
I also found photos of two restored examples:
one at the Saumur museum, the other at the
Munster museum.
Thankfully, I can proceed with the model, in the
knowledge that it is accurate. The major work will
be scratch-building the schurzen and support rails.
Other than that, everything is perfectly represented.


The all-steel wheels were standard on the first vehicles of the final Sturmpanzer IV series, when Zimmerit was still being applied to all vertical and angled surfaces. The application of the putty ended in September, 1944. Later production vehicles had four sets of steel wheels and four sets of rubber rimmed wheels on each side. I have not seen any specific date when this happened, though. Based on available photos, it would seem to have been around the same time.


That’s really useful information, and perfect for the model I have here.