Hey team. Just starting on a Brummbar (Tamiyas late version.

I’m building it buttoned up so to speak.

Question on this sliding hatch below. Is there ever a case where it can be totally closed? I can’t find any photos of a closed hatch? On the model, no matter how you slid the hatch there’s always an opening shown, which i’m trying to avoid.

Anyone know?

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Hi David. This is how the cover is sized on real vehicle. The hole in the roof is very large and neither side of the sliding part is wide enough to cover the hole.

You can see how big the roof hole is in the pic and how the thinnest section of the sliding part is too small to cover it.

If you copy the widest section of the sliding part in the pic, and place it beside the hole, you can see it still is not wide enough to cover the hole.

The gun sight comes up through the hole when fitted, and it needs room to traverse with the gun, which is why the hole is so big. But don’t ask me why the sliding hatch it is like this…

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Thanks @petbat. I think I have the same picture as you…… only good one I could find.

Frustratingly I think you are correct… not the answer I wanted to hear! I didn’t want to bother with any interior or the gun sight. Still contemplating this one.

On an unrelated note, Tamiyas kit comes with a mix of steel and rubber rimmed road wheels. I’d like to build an all steel wheel version. Any hot tips on where to find some steel road wheels to make up a full compliment?

MR Modelbau does a set, but very expensive and I don’t know about the quality of them:

Dragon’s are on a separate sprue that is only included in the box when they are to be used for that model, so likely no joy there.

Tristar had a “German PZ IV Wheel Set” which had some on sprue ‘We’. Long out of production but they occasionally pop up at swap meets.