BTR-152: Slowly making progress

Building for about 50 years - My 1st PE w/ Soldered Joints.


The light guards look great. I assume these are the soldered PE parts? The truck as a whole looks real good. Can’t wait to see it finished and painted up. Please post further photos as this build progresses.


You are correct Sir…
Thanks man, much appreciated.

Great progress on the scratch built pieces- if this is the kit I think it is (Skif?) then you certainly have your work cut out but it looks like you will make a fine job of it. Have u added aftermarket wheels?

Thanks Karl. Yup - that the old Skif kit.
Those are the kit wheels. I’ve just flatten the bottoms so they would bulge out.

Gun done. Lot of mods required and still not right. Close enough…

Base color before modulation.


Inside mostly done and base just started…


Never done a paved road…

Truck and base done. Have the crew blocked out but I’m not feeling Figure Painting right now.
Lots of Pics tho…!