BTR 50 with ZU 23/2 "Iranian pic-nic"

Hello everyone! This particular vehicle was used by the Iranians during the war against Iraq, when it was captured by the Iraqis and later by the Americans in ODS.
My model represents the initial version still under Iranian management during a pause between combats in which the crew played some “Taule” (an Arab Backgammon) and ate some bread, goat cheese, goat sausages and drank some tea.
The vehicle is the kit by Trumpeter and the gun is by Meng, other modifications made observing the only photograph available were made in scratch, the food is scratch and accessories from various manufacturers.


You have a nice collection of unusual vehicles. This one is particularly interesting to me. Fighting compartment has that lived in look. The rust streaks are also well done and not overstated in my opinion. :+1: :+1:

Thanks Armorsmith for your kind words. I always try to find THAT photo which inspires me to do something unusual and at the same time with modelling potential, then it’s just a matter of imagining a situation that provides the opportunity to include rare-to-be-seen accesories which picture what you have in your mind and add other points of interest more than just ammo boxes or jerrycans.
If you feel like doing something unusual PM me and I may share photos.

I completely agree, very nice non standard models, and very nicely pictured, great special details, lovely painted… sure love them!

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I agree with all of the above, a very interesting and unique stand only piece.

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Iran-Iraq war subjects are among my favourites and this is an exceptional piece with some very finely observed details that really add a unique touch to this kit. The BTR itself is expertly painted with the rust streaks from the add-on armor shield adding a great patina to the sand-color coat. The observation device next to the AA gun is also a fantastic addition. The little pieces on the rear deck are awesome though, and add that special touch that just makes the whole thing stand out.

(I have one of these kits half-built myself, for a scene of Iraqi forces that I once saw pictures of- they had several of them in a defilade position behind high sand berms- I believe one had a modified DShK mounted on the edge of the upper deck, just behind where you have the AA gun.)

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very very nice.
I’m not sure about the AA gun fixing on the hull…
probably they had be cutted a round part of roof with torch and weld in place the lower part of rotation disc

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Thanks to all of you for your words, here are some more examples of field modified BTR-50s.
Hope to see any of them built by a member in the future!


Thanks Smolensk, you are right, I wasn’t sure either and I’m not sure yet. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any photos of the roof and figure out the mounting, I should have made an opening but that might have required some interior work and I just wanted to do it as a quick build.