BTR-50PK of the Egyptian Army | Armorama™

Using the Trumpeter kit, I have built the BTR-50PK used by the Egyptian army during the Yom Kippur War. Voyager photo etching is used. The figure uses a Miniart Arab tank soldier.

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Very nice. The whole thing looks great. I really like the figures as well.

Nice job. How did you find the figures?

I believe they’re from Miniart.

Sorry Dan I misread your question. I think I have this set in my stash but don’t remember where I got them from.

What I mean is, how was the assembly and quality of the heads, etc? Thanks

Oh ok lol sorry

No problem! Some of their figures heads can look a bit rough.

Yes they can. I have several of their figure sets and most are very good but there are a few that are not good at all. One example is their modern US Army tank crew. Horrible all around. Just blobs of plastic.

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Thank you everyone. :laughing:
The figure is a set of mini art, but the head is changed to the Hornet’s Arab set.

Beautifully done! From the paint to the weathering and figures- excellent!