BTR Skrezhet Ukraine 2022

Generally, it was supposed to be a quick project, it took almost 4 months

The model is an old Alanger, the soldier figures are some resin ones from an auction site, the policeman figurine is a modified Tacom.

A vehicle of this type was captured near Mikołajew around March 2022.


Looks like a BMD-2 that had its turret replaced with a ZSU-23-2 AA gun. I like it a lot. Great job.

BMD-2 Captured in Kherson Region. 2022.

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Similar vehicle setup, but not from the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian War.

Base vehicle is BTR-D , an extended hull with additional road wheel station.

So the second vehicle image i posted is correct.

Excellent job. Great finish on the vehicle

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ACE Models makes a 1/72 scale version of this exact vehicle.


the model was of poor quality but it was possible to improve it, most of the corrections have the cannon, including the metal barrels

from the curiosities I can add that I built the model based on the film from twitter


You did a great job.

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