Buffalo A2 MPCV without slats armour in Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq

Hi guys, I’m interested in buying Pandas Buffalo A2 but could not find any information or photo were they in hot zones without slats armour. Any info is welcome!!

They were used in Iraq w/out slat armor.

Buffalo MRAP Baqubah, Iraq

Two U.S. Army Buffaloes stand ready to roll from Camp Liberty in Baghdad.

Al Asad, Iraq, 2 June 2009, II Marine Expeditionary Force Buffalo


Yes, but this is A1 version. The same version from Bronco. Panda version is A2 and it was produced since 2008. Difference 's are in grill, exhaust etc.
See the picture.

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…and front bumper.


There a few more than that, but it’s a start. :grinning:

Hi, not info on their deployment. I just built Pandas JERVV and can I make a suggestion? There were fit issues with the top and bottom of the main body. Skip ahead in the instructions and build the interior first and then close up the body this way you’ll be able to deal with any fit issues without the suspension and other stuff getting in the way.

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Ignore this I’m a moron I second what Ian said. Their RG-31 suffered from the same fit issues and having the under-bits in place was a headache.

Usually, is the slat armor already on the vehicle when he arrives on operations theater ?

The RG31 is a kinetic kit, from what i knows Panda didn’t produce this vehicle…

Yeah you’re completely right… I got the sandy coloured things mixed up. it was the Husky I built that was from Panda.

Even though this is about the Buffalo, since you bring up the Cougar - I’ve read that same statement in at last four build logs over the years. I’m not sure what’s going on but I did install just a few of the interior parts first. Goes together like a dream. One guy talked about having the use filler along the whole length of the hull. I don’t get that. There is a slot going down the side at the end of the video, but that’s where the fenders install.

Well hell. My nineteen year old daughter, who is a senior, is doing homework right now. I can’t get the video to work without her help so I guess I’ll just post photos.

As you can see I’m not applying any pressure at all, so yes as ARTYG37B says, put some interior in it. I sure didn’t want to try putting it in after.

well i hate to tell ya this but…the inside side wall pieces are supposed to slip behind the lower hull in the groove created by the benches, not on top of the lower hull.
if your interested here’s my build so far:
TRACK-LINK / Forums / Track-Link Build Logs / Panda Cougar 6x6 JERRV

No problem at all. It’s been a few years since I fooled with it. The interior panels do indeed fit exactly as they’re supposed to, behind the lip as you say. I had my wife taking the pictures and thought I had it together all the way. All it needed was a slight bit of pressure and snapped right into place. I knew back when I first started it that it fit well. I wonder if that’s what’s been causing everyone else problems. In my case, I need to wear my opti-visor more often.

It fits so well it almost doesn’t need cement. Good thing, because I still need to paint the interior and add all of the details missing from the kit.