Buffalo A2 MPCV

I have Panda’s Buffalo A2 MPCV and I wondering does anyone happen to know what color the interior is and the color of the spall liners are as Panda does not indicate that on thier instructions sheet

You should get a copy of Bronco instructions of their Buffalo models which give color references or hve a look at some walkarounds like this one:


Salut Olivier, this is not a real Buffalo MPCV but a Buffalo surrogate training vehicle. As you can see, the vehicle is based on an M939 Series

Or you can get my walk around which is guaranteed to be the best value anywhere - all variants of the Buffalo, including slat and modular armor, and A2 with interior. $16.00 for 564 photos. You can receive them in an hour in most cases.

Here’s a freebie- black spall liners. You’ll probably find out Panda isn’t exactly known for getting everything right.

I didn’t check the pictures. I’ve seen the url and thought it could be useful.
Robert’s reference pictures are the best.


You really have everything dont you! :rofl:

I will be PM’ing you soon about the slat armor Buffalo, I have the Bronco kit and when I start it I want some good reference!

Another unsolicited plug for 18bravo’s walkarounds - I got his Stryker photos and they’re comprehensive, well shot and inexpensive - worth every penny!