Bugle Call 2023

This Sunday 26th November is Bugle Call, Our first time attending with a stand so come and say hi to your own Kitmaker British Bulldogs :slight_smile:

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bit far for me to travel. but have a good time.

No worries Frank, it’s our first time at this show and I’ll admit it is on the far side for us but then again we are doing a show in Bradford next weekend which is mainly a wargame show but I attend the shop near me who have taken over the running of the show so got volunteered to put on a model club table!

My club do the Wolverhampton wargaming show, that’s an eye opener, with suits ( cucumber/salmon sandwiches) and goths, going head to head :sweat_smile:

I’ll have a wargame (Flames of War) British army with me to display along with my Mid-Late war Germans although the later are mainly in primer.