BUILD LOG: M1025 Humvee - OIF

I’m reopening the old Armorama thread where I showed my M1025 Humvee build: link

This was the vehicle built back in 2014:

I decided to finish up this project by making a simple base for it.

Here’s what I had in mind:

There are pigments coming as well. I was thinking of adding some barriers:

We’ll see how it goes.



This is the plan:



Looking good, Mario! Who makes the figure?

Wow, how much modern HMMVW modeling has changed in six years! Now one can add a Gunner’s Protection Kit, tricked-out M2HB, secondary arms, etc. using resin Aftermarket upgrades.

The asphalt base looks fantastic as does the concrete barriers. Do you plan to add walking soldiers too?

Thanks Pete!

The figures (in the vehicle as well as the one riding in the turret) are Nemrod.

No walking figures. The base is barely large enough to take the vehicle as is.


Cool! Thanks, Mario! The base is really fantastic…how did you create it?


Thanks Pete.

I used sheet styrene, scribed the cracks on the surface to simulate the damage on the road. I applied some extra thin cement over the entire surface of the road and dabbed it with a stiff brush to get the asphalt texture. Slight sanding and that’s it…


Great work, Mario, thanks for the answers! :grinning:

Good job on the base Mario. The asphalt is looking great and your technique is simple but effective.


Some more progress, slow but steady…

I added some political posters and debris on the far side of the road. Here’s a closer look.



Very cool and lifelike realistic, Mario! Great job!

Base looks very realistic with the roadside debris and the chipped barrier.

Base finished:

And the Humvee on the base.

I would say, that’s it.



Looks amazing!

Wow, the cones came out great, Mario, especially that little black line under the white. Was that a wash or did you use a marker?

The Woodland camo on the HMMWV is so dull and faded and it looks like the real thing…or it just rained.

Terrific job…just goes to show how something so small can be made into something so cool! :smiley:

Thanks guys, I’m glad you like it.