Build Photos! ICM 1/35 Field Toilet | Armorama™

Hello to everyone! Here are some photos of our model, Field Toilet. Take a look on them 😉.

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Does any AM company makes a “smell” module for this? :grin:


Does it come pre-filled or do you have to do it by yourself?

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Needs a Sears & Roebuck catalog with,some pages missing to round it out …

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Roll of toilet paper, or a basket of corn cobs, is missing!

Nice … are there any figures “sitting on the loo” available?

Maybe Bravo6 or Miniart feel inspired? Legend does a guy that can be fit.
All you have to do is make his pants drop.

Not exactly sure why anyone would release one of these except for comedic value, and calling it a “field” toilet is kind of funny as most combat troops literally go in the field, as it were.

I’m looking forward to the aftermarket applique armour for the “Ambush Protected” variant…
I hope this is the start of a series, there’s a dire need for a modern “portaloo”, hopefully it will include a blue light so the Sci-Fi fans can build it as the “TURDIS”:



Never saw a luxury field toilet like that in the SA Army…this is what they gave us!

There should be a rusty shovel propped up on the side.
There should also be a bunch of spider webs.