Build Takom M48A3 as M48A5?


You need a small driver’s hatch for this version. The cupola is a Chrysler one, 3D Microcosmos just released one.

The small hatch upper hull can be found in the Dragon T54E1 kit

You also need the full metal T96 track instead of the T97 one, although a couple of vehicles used T97



I can and have converted older M48s, one Tamiya and one Dragon, into Magach 3s. I was hoping for an accurate kit though.

Tamiya M48A3 Converted into Magach 3.
IMG_0811 1

Dragon M48A3 Converted into Magach 3.


I found some photos I took of M48A5s at the NG motor pool at Ft. Devens in 1987. Both tanks have T97 rubber chevron tracks, top loading air cleaners and low profile commander’s cupolas. The turrets do not have smoke grenade launchers mounted. They were painted in four color summer verdant MERDAC finish.

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I served on M48A5s in the NJARNG from 1982 until 1989 were replaced by M60A3s. Almost all of our 48s had T97 tracks and aluminum top loading air cleaners. I never saw side loaders. In the late 1980s some newly converted M48s came to Fort Drum with T142 tracks and armored air cleaners, You can tell the air cleaners apart by the sloped front on the armored ones. I did see one A5 with the M1 cupola and vision riser in Fort Indiantown Gap but it was a very rare sight. Only the 48s deployed in Korea had the 50Cal mount and smoke grenade launchers. All the M48s in Fort Drum and Fort Dix used 2 M60Ds for the TC and loader.

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Just out of curiosity, was there a reason why stateside -A5s had the two M60s, and not an M2?


Lots of M48A5s on this photo album. Most with the old tracks, and both types of cupolas to be seen


Great album with lots of interesting photos. Too bad downloading them in unavailable.

There are also some really nice albums from the same user for other US vehicles.

Yeah, the best you can do to save any photos from the album is a screenshot.
Funny how some of these album owners likely did not take some or all of the photos in a given album, most likely finding them by doing image searches and downloading the photos themselves, then prohibit others from doing downloads as if the photos are their personal property…

The two M60Ds was the actual design configuration. The .50 cal was only added by 2ID units in Korea. They had M551 Sheridans before the M48A5s. The took the pintle and guns off the Sheridans before turning them in.


This M48A5 is this with side loading air filter boxes ?

It is very hard to tell from the photo, most probably not.

The left track orientation is backwards though.

It looks like it is, you can just make out the handle for the side opening air filter box, like on this one:


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Found one with side loading air filter boxes Reddit - Dive into anything

A better one of an earlier post

Very interesting


What is this part?
Part T11 on back of turret page 18 in instructions.

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If I recall correctly it was a mount for a spare wheel. I have read what it is many times but I keep forgetting.

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What about crews for the M48A5? Can i use Academy figures from their M113s, M48A5 and M60A1?

A5s were still in circulation at Active duty and National Guard level in the 80s, so this set would definitely fit the bill.The figures are wearing M65 Field Jackets, so paint the figures in OD instead of woodland camo and boom.

Or you could do the mix and match common in the early and mid 80’s before the wear out date of the OG field jackets… Woodland BDUs with an Olive Green Field Jacket. Field Jackets were issued by size at CIF at the Reception Stations, and if they were out of Woodland Field Jackets in your size when you came thru that point, you got an Olive Green one.

I don’t know about the M48A5 kit, but the figures from the other two kits will work. Or from the original Tamiya US Tank Accessories set


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I`ve got this set and it is good for an 80s M48A5 i think. One question the backpack is this correct? It is smaller than the small ones supplied in this kit