Building A Beast .... Would appreciate some Pearls of Wisdom:)

Hello, I’m determined to build a 1/6 scale RC tank. My wish list is as follows:

-Runs on both fossil fuel and electric … would also like the engine to be able to charge the batteries

  • Top speed of 8 to 10 mph
  • rugged enough for heavy outdoor use … water resistant etc
  • researching tracks and chassis … looks like I may be best off looking towards the robotics industry. The RC tank kits available don’t have the kind of tracks I need for heavy outdoor use
    -The tank should weigh between 30 and 60lbs … would like feedback on this. specifically, the benefits of heavier vs lighter.
  • I’d like this tank to be able to do amazing things like climb steep inclines and be able to drive out of steep holes etc.
    -The control system should support both analog and digital
  • The gun should be able to shoot Airsoft type pelets for target practice … (I saw that available on some models on the web)

I think that’s it. If you guys would be so kind to provide feedback as to what YOU would do, if you were embarking on such a journey. So, type of engine’s, (both gas and electric) you would choose Transmission? RF control system, tracks?

I think the easiest way to do this would be to get the 1/6 Sherman kit by Dragon, and build it onto the robotix type tank chassis. The downside is the Sherman would not be my first pick:) How difficult would it be for me to get a 1/6 Tiger mold, and somehow build up the tank? I’d have to figure a way to spin the turret etc.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at…just hoping there’s some like minded people out there that can suggest best practices, for this type of build. Thank you all in advance for your support!!!

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There are 1/6 RC tanks available, but they are expensive. On the other hand, unless you are a machinist, building it up from scratch may also be expensive, and frustrating. Do an online search for 1/6 scale RC tanks.

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Not sure I’d recommend the Dragon Sherman for R/C, unless you get the Spykerworks upgrades - 1/6th Scale Tank Parts | Spyker Workshop -
The stock tracks aren’t rugged, they’re designed for static, not movement.
Be aware that the larger the scale the larger the price. The weights tend to increase pretty markedly too.
From the use you describe, a better option might be Armortek - Armortek - Forum home - but the prices are more extreme.
I haven’t plunged into 1/6th - apart from a couple of Centurion track links - have restrained myself to 1/16th, which put’s less strain on the wallet.


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From what I’ve seen from guys who went into this exciting field, is that building such a large tank keeps them busy for many months if not years. And you said:

Then my feedback is to think twice before you start with a model you don’t like much. It did that with a 1/16 model and regret it to this day.

Back before the world imploded it seemed those Armortek tans were at every model show, getting underfoot in a crowd of mostly retired men…

They certainly did Tigers and other beasts. You want to go with them for a running model, as the plastic Dragon it simply won’t take the stress of movement - you need a metal hull, tracks, wheels, and suspension to do that. I have no idea about using fossil fuels - they all seem to be battery-driven for obvious health&safety reasons.

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