Building a plastic model is a form of art, and

So very true.


To me the “art” of it is getting it to turn out like you wanted.


To me “piece of art” means a high level of accuracy and painting work.

I don’t consider my finished models as piece of arts, but I am satisfied when I obtain a good result.


I dont consider my models pieces of art,but I have seen pleny of ones that definitely are in my eyes.

In general though,when it comes to Arts and Crafts,i think most people would consider model building “Crafts”


I think building models is art, as it elicits a response from the viewer (either “wow” or “yuck”) and it is the culmination of a talented person’s work.
The model goes on a shelf when it’s done though - building models is more about the journey than the destination.


I believe there is a site titled as art in models? I go to somany I get confussed!


There certainly exists the “Art of Modeling.” I might consider some of my scratch built models as possible artworks. I suspect any modeler worth his/her salt must have a certain degree of “artistic understanding and ability” to create a convincing model.


Lots of people call me an old art…


I consider it a form of art. Regardless of your ability, it is your artistic expression that goes into the build and especially into paint.


A work of art? Perhaps, but reality belongs to the builder. Have fun, enjoy YOUR art, and smile. You are your judge. As Stan Lee would say, “Nuff said!”


To me it can be artistic or a craft according to your skill level and motives for building. But all in all, it is a hobby that is crafty with the ability to be an art form in miniature physical form. It all depends on the individual. Me… I do it for fun, enjoyment and stress relief. But unfortunately life is keeping me from doing something I enjoy. I consider myself average skilled. But some whose models and dioramas I have seen on Kitmaker are artists. Happy Holidays and peace to all.


So…what is the difference between art and craft? if I chain saw a bear from a stump is it craft or sculpting? If I use a torch to color the bears coat is that art? We tend to think of art as an oil painting hanging in a museum. Fine art. Anything else is on that slope sliding to nonart, what ever that is.


Well, my favorite part is the statement….“What matters is not what others think of your model, but what you think of it. And how much you enjoyed making it”.

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There is a 2021 thread that discusses this, but I think the original post turned into a derailed rant and maybe a flamewar as no one has resurrected it since.

I consider the sculptor of kits and figures as the artist because modelers are confined to what the sculptor has created. Most modelers do not deviate from the instructions or how the kit is assembled and looks. While modelers can customize the decals and paint job, modelers will not glue on a LEGO man, a tea cup, a plastic flower, or a paintbrush to their kits and call it “art.” We modelers are often confined to realism when we model and that is why model kit building is not “free art” per se, but modeling can be interpreted as a form of arts and crafts.

What is the problem with built model kits and even old unassembled model kits? Built model kits are still fragile…they break. I’ve been asked a few times if my model kits are worth anything. They have personal value, but I cannot see myself selling them or shipping them because if one piece breaks, the buyer will complain and want a refund. Most built kits end up in the trash at the end of our lives because they’re just too fragile to transport and require storage to keep the mold and dust away. (And most viewers want the built kit free…many decline because they know it’s my taste and not theirs…and that is how I like it. My built kits show my skills, talent, tastes, preferences, and patience, not theirs. They may try to build model kits, but often times they don’t have the patience to fiddle with such tiny parts to complete one; they don’t see model building as fun, enjoyable, and rewarding. And if they buy very cheap and poor quality kits, they don’t see the value of modelbuilding, not to mention digital art has replaced model kits in most movies).

As for unassembled kits, LEGOs have more worth because they’re robust. There are countless unbuilt kits for sale on eBay, and even if extremely rare, no one wants to buy because the technology and looks of newer kits are so much better, even resin kits.

My opinion…model kit building is a form of art that is limited to what the sculptor has created for you (unless you kitbash and scratchbuild), but if you want to be more creative, buy LEGO kits instead to build whatever you want with plastic bricks and pieces. I consider LEGOs model kits that don’t require glue, painting, weathering, and decals. I grew up building LEGOs and then I transitioned to model kits because I didn’t want some kid down the block building the same LEGO thing. I wanted more custom than LEGOs and I wanted more realism than LEGOs could offer me.

Caveat: There are some sculptors in the world who do not like it when you ask them to sculpt and make kits unless you’re willing to pay thousands of dollars to hire them for commission. The best you can do is post on the yearly “Wish List” for future kits. Fortunately, 3D printing and ETSY has opened the door for more custom kits that can be printed to your liking than plastic and resin can offer.

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Velvet Painting By Numbers is considered art in a technical sense by many isn’t it?

That seems the sort of “art” most relatable to model building and painting. Painted saw blades also come to mind as they also have a following.


The definition of “art” really seems so flexible as be be virtually meaningless for practical purposes.

I much prefer to think of model building & painting as a craft. The artsy-fartys thoughts like my hobbyroom being an “art studio” make me want to vomit :nauseated_face:

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What is art?
Let’s assume, for the sake of discussion, that assembling and painting a model designed by someone else according to the instructions (painting by numbers) is “merely” craft. The designer of that model might be an artist (sculpting an original figure from ideas in his brain) or simply a skilled tradesman doing a 3D-scan of a statue or living person and scaling & tweaking it to be 3D-printable. Inventing a Warhammer tank could be art but rescaling an existing tank to some model scale is a skilled tradesmans work.

Is “originality” a mandatory requirement?
Would a ‘still life’ be considered art? Is it art only if it is done by an acknowledged artist?
What about a painted portrait? Isn’t that basically someone copying an existing “design” onto canvas?
Look-see and paint? It takes skill to do it but isn’t it also a form of “painting by numbers”?
When an acknowledged artist paints a portrait of a customer sitting in front of him isn’t that simply a skilled craftsman using his skills to perform a job? More or less the same as 3D-scanning and 3D-printing a statue or person.

Art or simple copying of an existing “object”?

Added originality?


Making some kind of statement, sending the viewer a message?
Is this more artistic than any of the above? Triggering emotions and thoughts in the viewer?


I think this scratch built Pz III J is art.. @Whitney_Foreman created it. It’s one my favorites and I say that sincerely.

It isn’t a “paint by numbers” scale model kit that’s off the shelf, it’s an original composition.


“What is art” and “Art for art’s sake”. I went through two years of art school for photography as an older adult. I finally concluded that everyone in the art world keeps themselves occupied and employed by the bantering about of unexpurgated bullsh!t. It’s a pretentious contest to see who can express the same old argument (What is art) in new and different ways. It’s all a farce. I quit because I just couldn’t take the artsy-fartsys anymore. Building and painting a model is a lot more artistic than “Found Art”, a very popular form, which is mounting found trash to a board and deeming it art. Go figure. If a single red dot on a huge canvas is art, and I’ve seen them, then applying a camo pattern to a built model is certainly art.


I know what I do in the hobby is art, but hopefully not “Art”. So-called Art, made by recognised Artists, is actually all about the sales pitch/confidence trick whereby a pile of junk can be sold to gullible rich fools for silly money because they are too proud and fragile to admit they can’t see why the rubbish is anything more than rubbish. Those of us that can clearly see through the Emperor’s New Clothes are free to appreciate true art in the form of builds that transform mere parts and paint into a scale rendition of real-world scenes and objects!

Besides, Lenny of Vinci was only copying a real-world object when he painted that woman with the “I’m holding in a fart” smile…


Now that last one is DEFINITELY art!