Building an Iron Dome?

With the ongoing troubles in the Middle East I feel tempted to build an Iron Dome launcher. Since the system is mounted on a flatrack, I can be done with proper references.

I found a couple of images on the system and the size of the missile. It`s of course a project for the future and will NOT be done soon.


From the data have the rocket pods will be 10mm in square and 86mm in length.

Would very much like to see this Hermann.

1/72nd scale (toy-like) diecast :

1/72nd scale resin kit from W-Models :


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Can they be fired from their transporters or do they need to be set on the ground first?

(US Army testing)


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Hi Frenchy,
thanks for this. I checked W-Model homepage and they charge 45 Euros fo a 1/72 scale kit.- I think I stick to my scratchbuilding skills. :neutral_face:

No need to worry Hermann- once you get half-way through your scratch-build a 1/35 plastic version will surely come along :laughing:!

I Think I will “sacrifice” myself for this. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you Frenchy! You’d think Trumpeter would get us one of these sometime soon.