Building Balaton Modell Robur LO 2002 A truck

This wil be a build log of the Robur LO 2002 A light truck.

The Robur LO2002 was utility truck of East Germany. Simply known as the “LO” in East Germany.
.VEB Robur company taken over from Phänomen-Werke Gustav Hiller AG company from Zittau in Saxonia.


First pics done.
Instructions are clear but may need some interpretation-



Cleaned-up frame


Before I decided to build the LO. I build a potential trailer for the truck, This is a Feldküche 180/72. I had one pic in a book and a HO gauge model from Busch. Wheels were borrowed from M151 kit.


Well, stap me Hermann - that looks pretty good; very nice indeed!

Hi Brian,
I have the intention to build further NVA trailers. East German industry developed a trailer chassis called HL 10.00. This chassis could be fitted with a variety of superstructures, e.g. Feldküche, platform or Wasser Transport Anhänger. BTW a Robur with a Fieldkitchen was known as Verpflegungs Transport Einheit.

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Good friend of mine got the military version with Radio cabin in 1:1 , standing together with our Land Rover nearby , if you need some pix …

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Hi Gerrit,
danke für das Angebot. Meine Eigenen Bilder zum Thema NVA sind noch recht spärlich.

Great looking project mate!

Here are some pix of a very good example of a NVA Truck .
On this one nothing is rotten and no rust at all , was like brandnew when my Buddy bought it .
Her name is Lotte :wink: .


Danke Gerrit, gute Bilder und ein schönes Auto. Ist das die Original NVA Farbe?

Ganz bestimmt original . Das Fahrzeug hatte nur einen zivilen Vorbesitzer und stand fast 30 Jahre trocken in einer Halle , mit einer utopisch niedrigen Laufleistung .

Sorry for German language :ghost:

Very good, I have trouble getting the NVA color right. I try again.
My next scratch build project.
Wassertranspoertanhänger 930/84


Today on 1st Weihnachtsfeiertag, I decided to start my LO 2002 model. It should be noted that it´s not shake-and-bake kit, but rather a zillion part 3D puzzle.
I start with cleaning the parts with detergent and then I cleaned the frame and the suspension springs. resin is VERY brittle so you have to be VERY careful not to cut of parts by accident.

BTW I used a lighter to correct some wrapped parts. :unamused:


Some minor update in this On/Off build. I assembled the major components after I found
a good drawing on the internet. The cab is only fixed with white glue.

And before you ask… there is no interior for the shelter.


When I was a little boy in Poland in the eighties the Robur trucks were very popular and a common sight on the streets. But I believe they were 4x2, not 4x4 (didn’t pay attention to that then!)
Once I was on a trip in DDR and saw a military Robur - what struck me then were the blackout plugs on the headlights. Maybe it would be cool to model these? They add visual interest to the “civilian-looking” truck.
Good luck with your build and have a nice day

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Robur trucks/vans were built both as 4x2 and 4x4 (‘A’ for allrad/all-wheel in the type designation)

Balaton Model also make this resin kit:

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Oh yeah, that’s a Polish classic!

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Hello Pawel,
the kit is the 4x4 configuration and the black driving lights or Nachtmarschanlage parts an be attached.
Balaton Model has another exciting kit to offer.
A Russian Excavator to fit on KrAZ 255 chassis.



Note that the KrAZ 255 Excavator is not a Balaton kit; it is produced by Gun Tower Models in Russia and Balaton is just a re-seller. Having said that, I have the Gun Tower AO-5015 Exavator from Gun Tower, and it is a well done kit, so I expect the KrAZ 255 conversion should be very good as well.

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It´s a rainy holyday here, so I decided to break out one of my long term projects.
Installed the engine

Rebuild the grille. Kit part is very crude.

The whole kit reminds me of AEF Designs.:frowning: