Building elements for a house diorama

My last video is online. Hope you like it!

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The project and video are very nice. :+1:


Tnx, mate…

Excellent video with many great building tips.:carpentry_saw: :hammer_and_wrench: Thank’s for sharing!


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I had forgotten I had gotten an order of tiles from Scientific Models.

Still love the railing. So simple but highly effective.

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Thank you for watching… :grin:

I must call Giampaolo (the founder of scientificmodels) and say he owns me a beer… :grin: The railing of the balcony was not so simple… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The concept is simple, Mike did a little SBS for making a ladder.

The execution and what you did is much more difficult to achieve. Simple doesn’t mean easy. Sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult to get correct.

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Hello, I must write that is an excellent performance your house :grinning: :fist_right: :fist_left:

The process is made a bit easier if you use all styrene for your railings.
But thanks for acknowledging my idea here.

Tnx a lot…

I didnt quite understand if your post is a compliment or a constructive critic. Tnx anyway… :grin: And also I dont find the similarity betwean my fence, and those tings in the tutirial… Enlight me please… :ok_hand:

It was intended to be a compliment.

The two techniques are very similar, gluing two pieces at the end together to make the holes in the same location. Adding the rung or slat. You had a cover. :+1:

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the tile roof was a very nice touch.

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Tnx… :grin:

Certainly no criticism of your work intended by me!

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If it is constructive, is more than wellcome… :grin::ok_hand: Tnx, mate…