Building Meng’s ZTQ 15

Great fit so far, almost Lego like.


Rear on.

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Drivers hatch on.

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Looking good so far. Don’t know anything about this tank but it doesn’t look to be a MBT rather something smaller.

It’s a light tank newly commissioned by the Chinese army.
This version has additional armor.

Interesting. Most armies have done awry with light and medium tanks.

I think China’s small episode with India a few years ago drove this tank in the field quickly.

Boo on Meng here.
I hate puttying.

We will let this dry overnight.

Not a big fan of 2 piece barrels. Good luck.

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Anti ditching log.
Seems a bit over the top.




Only pic that I can find with a log mounted.

I replace mine with a roughed up wooden dowel.

Good idea

Extra armor on the front.

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Getting on the turret.

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Where I’m at tonight.


Looking good Dan! What sort of color scheme have you planned for this?