Building the 1/16th. Trumpeter Jagdpanther

Well hear’s starting again. it’s been quite a while, had my eyes fixed.
now to figure out how to get the pics. posted.


Hey it worked WOW this is even easier than before, now just so I don’t screw it up

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:joy: yes it is easy to post photos. Welcome back to building. :+1:

Glad to see you back “in the saddle” so to speak. This is on my list so I will be watching.

Have some starting work done, I’m installing some parts on the hull and then I’ll install the zimmerit if it fits.
It’s made for the Tamiya kit.


It doesn’t look like the Attak Zimmerit is not going to work , the resin part for the bow Mg. leaves a large gap between the ball and the outer resin housing. Well it looks like that’s $45 wasted.

Is there a way to backfill that gap to make it less noticeable?

watching with interest. I was wondering if the atak for tamiya would fit. I’ve also been searching for an aluminum barrel with no luck. I’ve hardly seen any aftermarket coming online for this kit.

I’m working on it, the biggest thing on the Atak zimmerit set is the bow Mg. part the rest can be cut to fit.
I’ll let you all know if what I’m trying works and how I did it. Otherwise it’s no for zimmerit.

The Bow Gun is finished finally

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The Zimmerit on the front upper hull is finished, for now that is.


Have the upper Hull Zimmerited.
Jagdpanther 18

Jagdpanther 21

Now to do the rear and sides of the lower hull


Nice work :sunglasses:

Finished the lower Front and Sides.

Jagdpanther 25
Jagdpanther 26
Jagdpanther 27
Jagdpanther 28
Jagdpanther 29

Working on the rear panel this is really complicated

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Rear of Lower Hull is finished, Exhausts not glued in yet.

Jagdpanther 31

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I was missing your builds, good to see you back and going strong. :+1: :saluting_face:

Thank You, it’s good to hear someone missed me.
I’ve had catarac surgery on both eyes and now I can see without my glasses.
The only problem now is TIME I’m 75 now and time is very valuable to me now.
Maby when this build is done I’ll build Andys Sherman , he did a nice job but left a lot out.
Regards Donald


I have the outside mostly finished except for painting.


Really impressive. Your patience in building and improving is remarkable.

Thank You.
I am planning on building this kit so it can be disassembled in sections.
#1 Lift off top of fighting compartment.
#2 Lift off upper hull, this is why I cut the headlight cable.
#3 Complete inner parts will be viewable .
#4 Maby make the engine removable.