BUILT! ICM 1/35 Marder I on FCM 36 base | Armorama™

Hello to everyone! Take a look at our build of the June novelty!

The set includes 245 parts for assembling Marder I on FCM 36 base. MODEL SIZE (LENGTH X HEIGHT): 186 x 69 mm

Marder I on FCM 36 base, WWII German Anti-Tank Self-Propelled Gun Scale 1/35 Model Kit #35339

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/built-icm-1-35-marder-i-on-fcm-36-base

this build out of the box just confirms that major modification within the fighting compartment and minor additions and modifications of the external vehicle are required. It brings into focus all the recent discussions on tapatalk/missing lynx forum and the usefulness of all the photos of this vehicle on that discussion link. I am certain that we will see some considerably enhanced versions of this kit on build forums in the future. Anyhow congratulations to ICM for bringing out a version of these very unusual and rare vehicles - a pity about the tracks!

I really don’t feel that congratulations are in order for an inherently flawed kit. While I appreciate that the information on the interior is limited, simply looking at the built model shows how illogical the interior proposed by ICM really is. You don’t need to have any knowledge of this vehicle to realize that the solid floor would allow virtually no elevation of the Pak40, and the crew would need to be on their knees to load the weapon and operate it, let alone receive any protection from the armored superstructure.

Major modifications would need to be made to the kit to produce a model that would be closer to what the interior should perhaps be. Other then the superstructure plates, the only other useable parts would be the Pak40. You will still need to cut up the upper hull, build some type of driver’s compartment (which is probably partially visible), add all the missing interior fittings, build the interior of the lower hull under the gun, etc.

The base FCM kit is well done and I congratulate ICM for releasing it. But I really hope that ICM spends more time on research of the 105mm FCM36 version (since they have suggested they are doing that kit as well) then they did on the Pak40 version. At the very least they need to look at things logically to determine if what they propose would actually work!