Bulldozer yellow

A question for the experts. I’m building a MiniArt bulldozer. I used Mig Ammo Brown Oxide primer. I’m going to use the hairspray technique. Here’s my problem. I can’t get a close match to the Cat yellow. I have Mig Ammo Gold Yellow that is too dark but will chip well. I also have Vallejo Amarillo yellow which is a closer colour. Now how would I go using the Vallejo over the hairspray? Any conflicts with Vallejo and hairspray? I’ve seen on the web that Vallejo is more ‘rubbery’ and doesn’t chip well. True?


May be an option?

Zero mainly do colour matched paints for road/race cars, bikes and a few trucks plus a small range of military colours, they dry matt.


Vallejo Model Air chip’s fine using the hairspray technique , used it recently on a MiniArt Tractor build.

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Did you do anything different to the Vallejo paint then you would to normally spray? I ask cause I have seen the rubbery results and it peeled off it chunks. Could have been user error at the time and I don’t recall the details before hand, only after. Yours looks great.


I would recommend shooting a paint barn or sheet styrene painted the same as your dozer as a test first. I am slowing working on the Hasegawa Hitachi equipment kits, my plan is to shoot a rust color first then white then orange. Not sure if the white primer coat was used then but it will with the yellow color.


Not really.
I primed with AK Xtreme metal aluminium, put down a coat of hairspray then a coat of Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown, another coat of hairspray, then a coat of Vallejo Blue (can’t remember which one off hand). The Vallejo was thinned a bit with UMP Thinners. I left the paint to dry for a couple of days in-between each coat.
Thanks, really enjoyed beating the paint work up.
Andy :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Will have to try again later.

Be aware that the Cat yellow on current machinery is much different than the yellow used on older machines such as the one you are modeling.
The current color is darker and has a brownish cast to it.

I remember seeing a vid on CAT. history and I remember that the yellow was tinted with a small amount of red. Look for the history of caterpillar on youtube.

I’ve used this color with good success.

RDT1953 I’ve looked at many images on the web. It’s hard to find 2 examples the same in colour. But I’m aware of the colour change.
The issue I have now is the opacity of the yellow over the brown oxide. It will require many coast of yellow. So plan B is to hairspray the brown oxide, primer, then lay down a coat of off white and then the yellow. Hopefully I can chip through both the yellow and off white. Maybe!! :grin:


You put the AK Xtreme Metal Aluminum straight onto the plastic? And it was robust?

I love the AK Xtreme Metals - using them as primers would be a plus…

I started this MiniArt kit some years ago but got bogged down by the bazillion parts . My plan was to build it as a logging skidder. I bought a die cast 1/16 Early Cat crawler from the Antique Cat Club assuming that the color would be accurate for a new machine and indeed it did look good . Like you I planned to use the hairspray technique so I sprayed a piece of sheet styrene Tamiya Red Brown , cured for a day or two then hairspray. I then shot Tamiya Flat Yellow and much to my surprise it covered well.
If I can find the test sheet I post a picture. The Tamiya flat yellow stood well against the die cast and of course there is a lot of room for fading , etc.
Watching this with great interest- thanks for posting.

I’m not going to get tooooo paranoid about the colour. After it gets chipped and weathered there may not be much yellow showing. But it is nice to start as accurately as I can.

There are a lot of parts. But I never do much more than an hour at a time. Then I walk away and annoy the wife!!


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