Bumper Codes for M163 VADS?

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I’d be very glad, if someone could tell me, which Bumber Codes would be appropriate for this vehicle → image description is “a 197th Brigade (mechanized) M-163A1 Vulcan self-propelled anti-aircraft gun participates in exercise Gallant Eagle '86”


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It might be this unit- 5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment - Wikipedia

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According to Wiki, it would be C Battery, 1/5 ADA

So a bumper code might read

197 BDE 1-5 AD C-_ _


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That one is A Battery, 1/5 ADA, 24th ID by its bumper codes. Interesting that they detached a battery from the Division to assign it to the Dollar 97 Brigade long before 197 was used to replace the 24th ID’s GA ARNG “round out” brigade in 1990.

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The actually attached Charlie as a fully battery with elements of Alpha Company to compliment the 24th during the war.


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I was in the 24th then and we worked with our Round Out units alot…

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Thanks a lot ! But would this really mean that I’d have to put that entire string on one side ?

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Based on the above pic and list of units, they were not assigned to 197 BDE, so they would not have their bumper numbers. 24ID, as in the pic, would be more accurate.

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Looking at the TO&E for 1/55 ADA of 5th ID from the same time period, A & B Batteries were Vulcan, while C & D Batteries were Chaparral. That was a standard set up for Armored and Mech Divisions at that time.

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This looks strange …
Is it a unit designation too ?

Looks to be: 8th ID, 5-3ADA. Most likely the other side jas the Battery and vehicle number in the same place, i.e. A 12. I have not seen it in this config, but it makes sense with all the stuff hung on this M163, the normal places are pretty much covered.