Bush War Huey colors

Photos show the Rhodesian Bell 205s used at the end of the Bush War in a green/brown wrap around scheme. What colors? I’d presume SADF colors. From what I’ve read it would be BS381C-298 OD and BS381C-360 Buff to start, then the Buff replaced by BS381C-450 Dark Earth. I’d think the OD/ Dark Earth the more likely combo. How big a difference isthere between these and the WW2 Dark Green/ Dark Earth? (I have those "in stock"already, along with SCC-15 OD.)

Photos I’ve seen of the Bells, compared to Rhodesian Hunters, etc, looks like the helos might have been the BS381C-360 Buff. Any opinions?

It looks to me like they are in a two-tone camo of dark green and dark tan. No exact matches, but I think you can wing it with something along those lines and be fine.

This one looks like it is just painted with dust/mud. I think they overweathered it. :grin:

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I wonder if they were using the same shades as the British Army Air Corps were using at the time?
When I did my Lynx prototype, I used Humbrol 119 Light Earth and 163 Dark Green. Might be a starting point to match or convert the numbers? Bit tricky as they’re very dusty and weathered to get an exact match up.

Here’s an Auster painted the colours I tried to match my Lynx to at this year’s Cosford airshow. Obviously, this one’s in pristine finish! They could have looked like this when freshly painted.

Looks like the same colors to me too.

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It’s as good a starting point as I can think of.
Some fading, dust and a coat of flat clear it would look about right.

It’s going to be a good project. Small air force’s and bush wars can make for really interesting builds. Will watching to see how this turns out!