Buyer Beware

Not sure where to post this where it’ll do the most good, but … Wanted to warn every one I can about Internet Hobbies , out of Mayfield, Pa. I saw them on Scalemates (figured this is a good thing) and placed an order with them. I should have gone with that place out of Nigeria … Prince’s. Took them 15 days to fill the order, they changed the shipping method (after billing me for the shipping) . After numerous emails, the last stating I was going to have the order cancelled I got a reply “Covid blah blah blah…”, “Bad weather blah blah blah…” “Riot at the Capital blah blah blah…” After near a month (I get stuff from Europe and Australia faster!) shipment shows up … and half of it it wrong! A week, and a couple emails, later I have yet to get a reply from them. Word to the wise, dont give these Cretans your business.

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Why do people keep falling for these frauds? This company has been complained about numerous times; at least once just in the past couple of weeks.

We need a warning sticky.