"Cactus Cat", Tamiya 1/48 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat

I had the Tamiya Wildcat sitting partly finished on the shelf for a few years, I picked up the kit for chump change and I was inspired to start on it after reading some stuff on the Guadalcanal campaign and the role the Cactus Air Force played in the Solomons. But then for some reason the prject stalled.
Recently I read another book on Guadalcanal and decides it was time to get the Wildcat ready for the display cabinet, rather than the shelf of shame.

It’s a VMF-223 Wildcat, one of the options in the box itself. Since many of these planed were kept flying with cannibalized parts from other planes, I opted for a dirty, dusty bird with some of the panels in slightly different tones of the base colors.


Fantastic looking Wildcat. Really well done.


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Nice result, Jay. A bit too dirty for me but that’s up to everyone’s taste. Fitting I guess was excellent. What paints did you use here?

I have recently built the F4F-3 from Eduard.


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I have resisted doing any planes from the Cactus Air Force for fear of starting and never stopping. Nice looking plane!

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Thanks gents!
@BlackWidow I used AK Real Colors for the base, blue grey for the top and light grey for the bottom.


Great looking job!!!

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Nice wildcat! Love US naval aircraft!

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