"Café du coin" diorama recently finished

I use Diodump for the cafe. The truck come from French Artisan Al By it’s Citroën Type 23 tthe figures come from Stalingrad, Mk 35 the desk from verlinden and Miniart


I enjoy seeing peacetime scenes like this and I appreciate the careful staging and the excellent use of color. The facade of the cafe really draws the eye into the scene. A very nicely detailed interior too with lots of great bits and bobs like the writing pad on the desk and the rotary dial phone. My favourite thing is the cobbles- lovely variety of color but realistic too.


As Karl said… Very nice composition!



thank you very much I appreciate your comment :grinning: :grinning:


That is a really nice tranquil scene, the yellow makes it pop. Did the cobblestone paint scheme take a lot of time to plan?

Une bouteille d’vin svp!

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Love this ‘daily’ scene

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this is how I painted
the first base colors airbrushed. The paving stones will be transplanted with a brush as will the curbs. I’m going to let it dry quietly and tomorrow a little coat of VMS varnish to protect everything.

with a brush randomly select some pavers with Humbrol shades. After drying I will apply a Natural Ombre juice to highlight the hollows.
Then on the sidewalks I use Oilbrushers to give contrast.
I do the same on the facade of the café by adding green to the lower part to simulate the accumulated humidity.
Once again I will let it dry and I will finish the patina using pastels.


Very nice composition.Nice storytelling. Good detail.
If I may give a bit of constructive criticism, I miss “dirt”. It is too clean for my taste.

Very nice ‘slice of life’ scene here. I like all aspects of it but will agree with @Luk_Schrijvers that it appears a little too clean for a city/village street. Doesn’t necessarily need trash or garbage, but a build up of dirt and grime in the gutters and bases of the buildings. Perhaps you’ve already done this and the camera isn’t doing justice. Anyway, nice composition and scene.

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thank you both of you, it’s true that the dirt is lacking a little!

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Nice work !

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Very sweet! Thanks for sharing!

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Nice truck, and la vieille dame is terrific. Maybe someone looking out of the upstairs window might be nice??

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Tres Bien. Very nice, indeed. The old smiley guy looks very friendly.

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Thanks you very much !you are right there is a figurine missing upstairs I think I will definitely add one

About Citroën type 23 :

Some modifications

I changed the rear wings they come from an Opel Revell kit