Caiman Surrogate (Training) Vehicle Photos

Today on Warwheels, we have added photos of the Caiman Surrogate (Training) Vehicle, taken at the Russell Military Museum, in Zion, Illinois USA. Here’s the link to see them: -Caiman Surrogate Vehicle Photos .

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I didn’t know this one. Was it built with M939 serie truck chassis ? Just for training ?
The cab looks the same than the one on vehicles deployed in Iraq.

I think it is a movie prop, not a training item. It is on an M939 chassis. We (US Army) train on actual vehicles, not surrogates. This would have totally different controls and engine, etc. for maintenance training. It wouldn’t really train you on how to operate a Caiman.

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Hello Gino, et al,

These vehicles were indeed used for training at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, during train up for Afghanistan. I can’t recall for certain, but, I think that I shared some photos back around 2013 or so.

I thought that it was a good VisMod, although, we drew RG31/33 in the Republic.


Hmm, ok. I don’t see the point as a training vehicle other than a vis-mod. Everything other than the outer shell will be different than an actual Caiman.

Just found a Caiman 2 “replica” built on a M939 chassis


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Hi all. To make sure of the ID, I contacted the Russell Military Museum and they told me it was a Caiman surrogate, built on the M939, presumably an A2 as it was built by BMY.

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