California Sunshine Valkyrie Truck

You know the saying… when MPC throws you lemons, make… well… something!

That was the situation I found myself in when it turned out that the old MPC California Sunshine show truck kit was anything but accurate. With decals that didn’t fit and results that didn’t match reality, it was time to come up with some kind of “Plan B”.

So, I did. I thought it’d be fun to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Macross: Do You Remember Love movie with a truck that would look like it was an homage to the film but from back in the day!

To this end, I present the finished “Valkyrie Truck”! Sure, it’s not what MPC intended, but I’d drive this around any day! Check out how this little beast turned out at the link below, and never believe people when they say “That’ll never make sense!”. It may not, but it’ll look cool doing it!