Camel Towing and Salvage

The 1/20th Hasegawa Ma. K Camel converted to a Porsche made salvage vehicle. The Waldo arm is scratch built as is the towing rig on the rear. Camel T&S is own by H.F. Muds Enterprises which recovered the wreck of the Nostromo. Their main competitor is Vader Salvage run by the twins Luka and Leighia


That is just brilliant. Great modelling and imagination


Great model, although it looks a little too above board/high brow and well looked after for anything from H.F. Muds Enterprise. The slogan certainly fits :grin:

Excellent concept and very nice execution. Congrats.

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I second that.
However, a coexist bummer sticker is not believable with the Sgt Grit sticker on the front. :wink:

Hmmm…not the type of “camel toe-ing” I was expecting! :woozy_face: :drooling_face:

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Beat me to it. I was expecting some wimmin folk.

That’s pretty cool. Well executed.


That is exceptional . So much to see .

Thanks for the complements.