Camouflage netting ID help

Could someone please help ID the type of camouflage netting used on this USMC M1A1, Nghtmare’s Witness. Is it actual netting or is it the barracuda type? This is the only image I can find online and it is of low quality to see the detail of the camouflage.

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On a US tank, it will likely be the standard radar scattering netting in common use. In this case it appears to be the desert type and not the woodland type netting. I don’t believe that US forces use the barracuda stuff. That looks to be a USMC Abrams.


Just regular desert camo netting.


You can use this netting from AFV Club.


Thanks for the replies.

Is this one the same style as the AFV Club netting and what the US uses?

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It might work.

Tetra Model Works net can match too.

This is a synthetic fabric. There are 2 offers for it.

150x220 mm

Or 220x300 mm


The Tetra netting is superior in my opinion. The Afv Club netting is essentially a decal and brittle while the Tetra netting is a cloth/fiber based material that handles shaping and bunching better.


Thanks for all the replies. I need the camo net to replicate the look on the tank in my original post. If the AFV is more like a decal that could work but the Tetra will have a more natural look being cloth/fiber material.

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