Campaign ideas 2024

Small fry and/or hunter-killer sound good.


Small fry and/or hunter-killer sound good to me also.

How about an Armored car campaign.

Any armored car civilian or military.

M-8 greyhound, Ferret, Daimler AC, V-100, M1117, Dodge peacemaker etc

Including Police used military armored cars or bank armored cars

Like the picture of the Texas DPS M-8 greyhound or the V-100 used by LAPD


How about a campaign for building any developed defensive position.

This idea was inspired by two current discussions:

Eastern front fortifications

Flak towers Wood Frame

Build a diorama of any size depicting any form of developed defensive fortification. This could be a developed bunker, flak emplacement, flak tower, fortification, machine gun emplacement, tank berm, tank trap, or section of trench. Significant effort was expended to develop the position for long term use.

Maybe call it Digging in or Holding the Line.

For inspiration, please see German Field Fortifications on the Eastern Front.


Doug, that’s an excellent creative idea :bulb: :clap:

That is a great idea!

I’m wondering if we should be thinking about another phantom campaign?


If nobody said it yet…




I’ve been thinking about this for a couple days. What is the dumbest thing I can Mad Maxerize for the inevitable Mad Max campaign? You’ve set the bar pretty high with the Temponator. However, I am contemplating a vehicle of truly epic dumbness…Kubelwagen Voltron.


Seconded. Planning on at least one this year.

I will set it up for you if you are willing to be the campaign moderator. Start October 1? Go for a year, or 9 months?

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Can do, not a problem.
I think a year would be a good time frame. Especially if anyone builds something big and more involved like Tamiya’s new 1/48’s or even a 1/32!

We need a “Last Man Standing” build where all builds must be an Alan kit, built so there are no seams and everything is assembled properly.



Actually, that would be interesting to watch.


How about a military wedding…that’s getting “hitched”, too? :thinking:
:smiley: :canada:

I promised to discuss a Max Max campaign so…discussion.

Would something like this work?:

Campaign: Road Warriors

We done launched the red birds and blew it all up. All that remains is misery, ash, and ruin. Every survivor is a scavenger, picking at the corpse of a world we destroyed.

Build a vehicle in any scale, used to roam the desolate wastelands of a world our insane leaders blew up. No one really knows why it happened and no one cares. Survival is the only thing that matters. Any man made vehicle, real or conjectural using existing technology, that withstood the nuclear holocaust and continues to function, kept running with scavenged parts, modified for life in the wastes, qualifies. This could be a car, a truck, a tank, a helicopter, or even an aircraft carrier. This is not a campaign about advanced technology, aliens, or zombies. This is a campaign about human beings at there very worst and their very best using only that which remains.

I chose the name Road Warriors because it better represents the role of survivors in post nuclear apocalypse science fiction. It also expands the scope beyond a single series of movies. Road Warriors is fairly generic and encompasses movies like Damnation Alley and games like Fallout.


Absolutely a “Yes”, especially as there is now so much stuff easily available from MasterBox…
As to “Damnation Alley”, ignore the movie and read Roger Zelazny’s novel, or better yet the original novella, most recently seen in the “The Last Defender of Camelot” collection. (FWIW, some regarded the novel as one of Zelazny’s worst and he tended to agree with them, having padded out the novella at his publisher’s suggestion to give them a better chance of selling the film rights. Zelazny approved the script -by Lukas Heller- that he was shown but knew nothing about the atrocity penned by Alan Sharp until he saw the movie. The movie was supposed to be 20th Century Fox’s 1976 blockbuster but F/X problems which were never really solved pushed it back to 1977, particularly after completion funds were diverted to the studio’s backup plan, a little opus called “Star Wars”. The movie bombed so hard it nearly caused a Nuclear Winter of it’s own…). In the movie the central character - Hell Tanner - is an Air Force Officer, in the novel he is the last surviving Hell’s Angel, a criminal with a history of excessive violence coerced into undertaking a near-suicidal mission of mercy, an odyssey which brings to the surface the last remnants of his humanity… Sounds familiar? “In the roar of an engine, he lost everything… and became a shell of a man… a burnt-out, desolate man, a man haunted by the demons of his past, a man who wandered out into the wasteland. And it was here, in this blighted place, that he learned to live again” as someone put it, nearly half-a-decade later.
As for my own involvement in any such group build, it will undoubtedly follow the usual pattern; initial enthusiasm followed by many comments (mostly fatuous and irrelevant, see the above), false starts shame prevents me sharing with the other participants, ending it the utter failure to contribute anything tangible…




Yes, but some of us only watched it for the truck! (And of course George Peppard…)


@MoramarthT I probably read Damnation Alley at 15 and cannot remember anything about the story. Roger Zelazny was never one of my preferred authors and I outright hated some of his novels. The movie is more familiar, having read the Wikipedia article a few years back and then watching a few sections.

With regards participation, I am trying to gauge if there is enough start. Post apocalypse is not really my thing but I have three vehicles in mind that will work. If you are willing to make a go of it, that brings us to 4 or 5 participants. To give you a better chance of success, I can make ‘Road Warriors’, or whatever the final name may be, an annual campaign with automatic project rollover from previous years.

@barkingdigger For me, Damnation Alley is all about the Land Master.

In addition to vehicles from the Mad Max series of movies, there is ARK II from the series of the same name, the Land Master from Damnation Alley, and various vehicles from Logan’s Run, both the movie and series.

The scope could be expanded further to include all post nuclear apocalypse science fiction. That brings in movies like The Planet of the Apes, a ton of Japanese Anima stuff like Appleseed and Megazone, or even the The Time Machine. The entire Star Trek multiverse is arguably post apocalypse. On the other hand, mecha, spacecraft, and time machines have little in common with scavenged vehicles.