Campaign Start and end dates

quick question for admins…
is there a way still to document what campaigns are active, upcoming etc and start and end dates. for soe of us old buggers whose memory is a little slack, trying to see when campaigns are starting and ending is a bit of a pain, having to scroll through the start of sometimes long threads. is it possible foe a sticky post or something of that ilk?

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I wonder if that part of the old forums that just manages the campaigns could still used or moved over?

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I would like to know too for those points, thank you.

I started keeping a spreadsheet of my campaigns. This may help?

First column shows completed “C” or if empty, not completed. The “Rec’d” column shows if I’ve received the badge yet.


Here are the current active campaigns as of December 31st, 2020.

Thanks all, should of thought of my own sreadsheet. fog of war etc (or rum)

Some campaigns now state the star and end date in the topic tread title. That is very helpful. Could admins add that to existing campaign treads?