Can 3D printed supports be recycled in some way?

With these resin printer supports, is there anything that be done with them beside just being thrown away. I am thinking like things we can do with kit sprues with stretching them or making putty etc.

Far as I know, resin is a one-shot deal. Landfill it is…

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Sci-fi building debris was another thought. Granted limited usage to most.

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Use CA glue to attach small parts for painting?


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There is more than one type of material used in those printers, even among the resin printers …

If they have interesting shapes they can be reused as shapes as @Tank_1812 writes or maybe in some other type/style of modelling.
Apart from that they are destined for a landfill or to be recycled as energy:

I occasionally use it as a comb. Not sure if it is making my hair loss worse. :smiley:

Or use it as an accupressure to keep yourself awake during Zoom meetings:

Otherwise, trash…


Glue that accupressure pad to a stick and you can use it as a back scratcher :upside_down_face:


Resin casters would break up old silicone moulds to bulk out the body of new moulds, not sure you could do the same with 3D printed resins

Pouring resin into a mold is not the same as spitting out a thin stream of resin from a very small nozzle
OR letting a UV-laser cure UV-hardening resin in a bath.
Lumps of material does NOT go well with either of those processes.

Edit: See below.

Before hex rod was available in styrene I used hex wrenches to make pour spouts and vents when casting. Then I’d cut them up and use them for bolt detail. These days it’s no longer necessary.
Two part resin can be pricey for some folks. You can reuse the supports, but I’m not sure the juice is worth the squeeze. You can cut them up into small pieces and use them to fill voids in large castings. I’ve done it myself with large castings. You can’t just pour it in and pour resin on top of it though - first some resin, then fill material. And of course you’ll need to pressure cast it to squeeze out all of the air pockets.
You can build a pressure pot for about $120 as I did, so you’d have to do an awful lot of casting to make it worth the effort. I don’t bother with it any more, I just buy more resin. Although I wouldn’t think of casting again without the pressure pot.

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I was thinking along the lines of 18 Bravo, not trying to reuse set resin in the printer

Well, in that case I agree with Robert.
Cured resin can be used to add buld to resin,
old mold silicone can be used to add bulk to fresh silicone molds.

For resin printers, yes; once it’s cured, you need a different type of resin printer to be able to reuse the supports and other waste; there are developments in recyclable printer resins, but they are not yet ready for commercial use. For FDM printers, there are appliances that will convert waste ABS and PLA (generally along with pellets of base material to make up the volume for a usable quantity) back into filament.