Can Can I use a 1/32 propeller to fix my 1/35 Border Stuka G?

Let me start by saying I’m an armor modeler. I have built very few planes in my life. When Border released the 1/35 Stuka I had to have it. I read a review on another site that said the propeller included in the Border JU 87 G kit was pure fiction. I couldn’t find an accurate, or any, for that matter, replacement in 1/35 so I bought a Quick Boost aftermarket propeller kit # QB 32 287. So, I’m asking the experts…Can I use this on my Border kit or will the difference be too noticeable? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The difference in diameter of the propellers would be 3/8 of an inch (9mm), so somewhat noticeable to someone familiar with the Stuka. For the record, the 1/32 prop will have a diameter of ~102mm and the 1/35 will be ~93mm.


Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

It will be 0.9mm difference between the 1:32 > 1:35, not 9mm.

Pretty sure you wouldn’t notice a 1mm difference so I’d say you’re good to go.

The Junkers VS 11 propeller has a diameter of 3260mm.

3260mm ÷ 32 = 102mm

3260mm ÷ 35 = 93.26mm

Difference 8.74mm

Do you math?

Apologies, you were talking length while I was talking girth!

You’re absolutely correct at 93mm difference, across the total diameter of the propeller arc described by its tips. And I’d agree, over 2 straight lines side by side you’d look twice at the difference.

However it’s a 3 blade prop with an individual blade length of about 1480mm, so at no point are you seeing the full diameter across a span of aligned propellors, it’s more about perception of radius and how it looks proportionally - not diameter.

So each blade is going to be about 3mm longer over a 46mm length and 1mm wider at 1:32 scale. You’re not going to notice the 1mm, but it depends how the 3mm looks to you. Could always try and sand the resin one back a bit?

So I’d suggest again, (unless you are specifically measuring) visually it’s debatable you’d pick the difference up from any kind of viewing distance.

@Bodeen You have the ‘inaccurate’ kit prop and your resin replacement, nothing to lose by putting it on and seeing if you’re happy with the look. And as @brekinapez has said, unless you’re a Stuka nut you’re not gonna know the difference anyways.

End of the day, it’ll look like a Stuka and as long as you are happy with your model my thinking is you’re all good whichever way you decide to go.

And no, I don’t ‘even math’. But I can do some maths and also pronounce the h in herbs :wink:

Have a good rest of your day gents.

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Thanks much. I’m going to use the after-market propeller. At least I’ll feel about having tried to fix it. You guys are great.

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